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FoodProcessing writes about the endoCube in their January/February 2011 issue.

Accurate food temperature measurement in refrigerated environments

Onergy endoCube provides a way to overcome a common difficulty in recording ’actual’ product temperature in refrigerated environment displays.

The endoCube is simple to install and requires no long-term management; it provides commercial refrigerators with an opportunity to switch from operating based on fluctuating air temperatures to operating based on food temperature, enhancing HACCP food safety programs.

This clever refrigeration device is packaged in a cleanable casing and has no electrical or mechanical components. The endoCube is installed by simply being wrapped around existing air-temperature thermostatic probes and by mimicking food. The probes report to the control systems a ‘truer’ product temperature rather than the air temperature.

Through independent testing it has been determined that with the ability to display and operate based on a more accurate temperature reading, the endoCube pays for itself through significant reduction in refrigeration running costs. Simply put, with the endoCube attached the refrigeration units are no longer susceptible to fluctuations in air temperature. This reduces the number of times the refrigeration unit needs to start and stop providing a more efficient operation.

The Onergy endoCube provides a simple way to: contribute positively HACCP food safety programs; reduce the refrigeration running costs offering energy savings; and to ensure the refrigeration runs more efficiently offering less equipment wear and tear.

The endoCube is designed specifically for commercial and industrial applications including cold rooms, freezers and supermarkets with open air refrigeration cases. They provide benefits in warehouse storage environments as well as distributor trucks and vans.

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