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HVAC&R Nation writes about the endoCube in their February 2012  issue

The beginning of the endoCube

Onergy has released the endoCube.

According to the company, the endoCube, “represents the latest in temperature-mimicking sensors providing a proven risk free method for improving refrigeration efficiency while simultaneously reducing energy consumption.”

“Endorsed by HACCP Australia and certified by NSF as a food temperature simulant, refrigeration systems now have the opportunity to operate based on the stable endoCube temperature rather than the unstable continually fluctuating air temperature,” says the company.

The endoCube features a “formulated wax compound that simulates the thermal properties of food; and when retro-fit over the refrigeration controlling air temperature probes in the environment, enables the control system to operate compressor cycles in a more efficient manner, running fewer cycles and with longer runtimes,” Onergy says.

The endoCube is suited to commercial refrigeration applications, from stand-alone condenser systems to complex rack solutions in cold store warehouses, front and back of house refrigeration facilities in supermarkets, restaurants, liquor stores, convenience stores and distribution trucks.

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