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Read what HACCP wrote about us in their ‘Food Safety Bulletin’ Issue 13 2011 pg 24.

A closer look at a couple of products that HACCP Australia has reviewed

Managing Temperature – a critical subject for many food business operators. An introduction to a couple of products from ‘Diginol’ and ‘Onergy’ that have impressed our team.

In the last edition, we touched on conformance requirements for dishwashers and the all important sanitation and final rinse temperatures which several of Eswood’s dishwashers meet. This time we thought we should mention products assisting with temperatures at the other end of the thermometer scale – and concerning what are always important CCPs in many food safety programmes – namely cold storage temperature management and recording.

Excellent temperature management products are available from Carel, (www.carel.com), Danfoss (www.danfoss.com) and Phasefale (www.phasefale.com.au) and these are often incorporated in the very best of cool rooms. They offer efficient governors and controllers and accurate data.

In addition to these products, Diginol (www.diginol.com.au), a Queensland based company, supply a product called ‘Netlogger’. The ‘Netlogger’ monitors cool rooms and freezer temperatures on its own independent service platform and covers the reporting side of this issue with a very useful and well presented system . Each Netlogger device can monitor temperatures at up to 4 different points within a cool room and all the information is presented on a HACCP compliant report of time, temperature and location. The system incorporates alarms that can be sent to office phones and mobile phones via SMS in the case of breeches of temperature parameters and also log close outs. One particularly attractive feature is the system does not require any software to be installed on the operator’s computer. All the information is web-based, hosted on Diginol’s web servers and accessed by the operator through a standard web browser or received in standardised report format as required by the operator’s food safety programme. Diginol’s monitors have battery backup option in case of power failure so that such incidents can be monitored at the time.

Another very impressive product that serves the industry in this regard is the ‘EndoCube’ from Onergy. As many readers will know, one of the most common difficulties is recording actual product temperature – not air temperature. All sorts of methodologies have been used in trying to simulate product with probes placed in vials or within the product itself. In practice, these home-grown systems can be inefficient and inaccurate and sometimes actually introduce risk to the task! EndoCube is a clever food product simulator which is designed to house a thermostatic probe giving a much more accurate temperature status device.

Invented by British engineers and patented globally, the EndoCube has been widely tested in-house and by independent organisations, and has demonstrated energy savings of up to 33%.

This neat wax cube contained in a cleanable casing is a clever refrigeration device with no electrical or mechanical components. It not only gives a ‘truer’ product temperature reading but, by mimicking food, also changes how fridges and freezers work and utilise energy. Rather than respond to fluctuating air temperature with corresponding refrigeration workload, the EndoCube makes refrigeration units read food temperature only. Refrigeration units work in a series of cycles, most commonly monitoring air temperature in order to decide when to switch on and off. But air temperature rises faster than the temperature of food, so refrigeration units work harder than necessary. Coupling energy saving and food safety, these are certainly are worth a look.

These products have been certified by HACCP Australia as food safe in terms of their design, materials and non power related performance and both are food safe in themselves and can make a contribution to food safety in their application.

As matter of interest, these products, although unrelated would work well together in harmony.

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